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TAV-8 now available for download

Issue 8 of our clinics newsletter ‘The Alternative View‘ (aka; TAV) is now ready to download.

Osteoporosis is the key focus of this issue with a review of the process and how a non-invasive urine test can highlight elevated levels of bone loss long before conventional density scanning can detect it. TAV-8 also contains some interesting breaking news on leaky gut and probiotics.

Download, read and get involved!


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TAV issue 7 now available to download

Hi all,

Just a quick post to announce that the latest issue of our Newsletter, The Alternative View (aka TAV) is available for download from the clinics web site, simply click here.

In this issue we take a look a special non-invasive test to differentiate inflammatory (colitis in its va

rious forms) from functional (irritable) bowel problems. Using the calprotectin test we can now predict when a flare may occur and diagnose with confidence IBS.

Other stories look at the benefit of a low carbohydrate diet in cholesterol levels and the latest supplement technology that allows us to deliver all the beneficial fatty acids associated with fish oil in a 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly form.

Take a moment and down load TAV issue 7, we welcome your comments and views.

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Latest TAV Newsletter now available

The latest issue of our popular newsletter, The Alternative View (aka TAV) is now available to down load. Simply click here to obtain your copy now.

This issue tackles the rather tricky and controversial area of cholesterol levels and the use of statin medications. With the growing use of statins more and more users are noticing side effects to a level where they are forced to stop taking the medication. We discuss this growing problem and what can be done from an alternative point of view.

A recent media story highlighted the blood pressure lowering ability of beetroots. TAV6 explains how beetroots can lower blood pressure through come rather cleaver chemistry that is driven by bacteria in our salivary glands… However, it’s true, beetroots can lower blood pressure!

FInally, we focus on a recently discovered link between vitamin D, headaches and your geographical location. Cause and effect in full swing here!

I hope you enjoy TAV6. If you do why not visit our archive section and read the back issues as well? Click here.

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News letter download site

Our newsletter, The Alternative View (TAV), has a growing number of followers that are interested in accessing back issues. We have set up an archive section on our clinic web site devoted to the TAV that is easy to view and simple to download. All back issues are stored as PDF files.

Feel free to click here to view and download them for yourself.

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