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Free talk 7th September on Bone Health in Regents Park, London

Join me Wednesday evening at the NutriCentre in Regents Park, London, for an evening free lecture in the book shop on Nutrients and Bone Health
The lecture will include many key aspects relating to supporting optimal bone health and diagnosing the early changes before the osteoporosis gets out of hand.
The evening lecture will discuss many factors relating to bone health including;
  • Normal bone and it’s healthy regulation
  • Diagnosing thin bones; osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • Types of osteoporosis and their causes
  • Making sense of your bone density (DXA) scan results
  • Using biochemical merkers for bone turnover
  • Key dietary aspects for healthy bones
  • Key nutrients and their controversies; The issue of calcium and heart disease
  • Specific supplements and their safe and effective use


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Fibromyalgia lecture – Crosshouse Hospital, Ayr.

This years proposed topic for a lecture I am giving at Crosshouse Hospital’s Pain Study day is on the management of “Fibromyalgia” – a real can of worms! Crosshouse hospital hosts an annual Pain Study Day to which various consultants from anesthesia, neurology and pain management attend along with key nursing and physiotherapy staff with a keen interest in the management of chronic pain syndromes. The various topics to be discussed on the September 4th Study Day have not yet been finalised but I propose to publish my presentation and notes for anyone who is interested. The study day is a closed seminar and only open to Crosshouse Hospital staff. Below is a copy of my last informal lecture introducing the concepts of osteopathy and acupuncture.
Cross House Hospital Lecture 2007

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