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Arnica; the ‘must-have’ remedy…

Sujal Zaveri, Homeopath consulting at Hadley Wood Healthcare

Memories of my childhood include scraped knees and knocked heads and the remedy we were always given was turmeric as an antiseptic and Arnica.

Arnica or Mountain Daisy is found along the slopes of the Andes, Central European Alps, Northern Asia and Siberia. The beautiful large golden flowers are hard to miss and most locals understand the value of this plant that nature has placed intelligently, on slopes, ready for use after accidents.

Saint Hildegarde of Bingen  Germany, first mentioned it in the 2nd century!

The first medical man to document it was Professor Joel in Gottingen in the 16th century.

Its uses are well known for bruises but it is also an invaluable aid in other circumstances.

My one year daughter whilst playing with her cousin managed to slam a door on her thumb. The thumb immediately went a very dark colour. My first response was to grab some Arnica 200 and slip it into her mouth. Not only did it instantly calm her (could be the taste of the sugar for sceptics) but within five minutes the thumb had returned to its normal colour. The children thought it was magic and it definitely felt like it.

One of  the symptoms Arnica is used for is ‘battered and bruised feeling’, this does not necessarily mean literal beating or physical hurt. It is also a feeling we experience eg when we have had a bad night’s sleep.  After a night spent on an Airplane or a night spent listening to torrential rain one can feel battered and exhausted.

Arnica is a great remedy for Jetlag or a sleepless night that leaves one feeling aching and bruised.

It is great for aching after sport, eg after a tough game of tennis Arnica is useful for the aching muscles so Wimbledon players need to take heed !

It is also great for shock whether it is physical or mental. Accidents often leave the patient in a state of shock and Arnica can help greatly to lift this state.

It can be a great pain killer and is used for fractures to help with any bruising and pain and can speed up the healing process.

This summer when you are packing your holiday bags –consider taking a bottle of Arnica 30c with you-you never know when it might be needed!

If you would like to discuss a homeopathic approach for your health problem please call Hadley Wood Healthcare on 0208 441 8352 or email Sujal at sujal@hadleywoodhealthcare.co.uk and see her web page



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Hay fever… fighting like with like

Sujal Zaveri, Homeopath consulting at Hadley Wood Healthcare

As the sales of camping equipment are increasing so is the pollen count. I have never suffered with hay fever but cycling past some rapeseed fields sharply stung my eyes and gave me a glimpse into the plight of many hay fever sufferers. Homeopathic remedies can provide an excellent alternative to antihistamines. They are portable, have no side effects and are relatively cheap to buy. Here are some common ones with their symptoms;

Euphrasia (eye bright)

  • Eyes burn itch and water constantly. The lids are sensitive and could be swollen.
  • May have a rash.
  • Worse in warm rooms.
  • Runny nose with much sneezing.

Allium Cepa (onion)

  • Nose drips like a tap
  • Violent sneezing
  • Eyes water profusely

Arsenicum Album

  • Nose tickles violently.
  • Sneezing violent and painful.
  • Discharge watery and burning making upper lip sore.


  • Copious thick catarrh and sneezing. Better in the open air.

As our environment and our food cycle are getting more complicated so are the responses by our bodies. We breathe a cocktail of substances on a daily basis, our diet consists of foods from around the world often with a variety of pesticides sprayed on them, our homes have hundreds of different substances in the forms of cleaning agents etc. Could this be the reason that our immune systems cannot cope? Whatever the reasons the fact is that many more people are getting hay fever and other allergies and homeopathy could help to strengthen flagging immune systems.

Treating hay fever with homeopathy in the winter months can reduce or eliminate this condition. However whilst the pollen season is upon many remedies can be used to reduce the acute symptoms.

If you would like to discuss a homeopathic approach for your health problem please call Hadley Wood Healthcare on 0208 441 8352 or email Sujal at sujal@hadleywoodhealthcare.co.uk and see her web page.

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Homeopathy & Flu: can it help?

Sujal Zaveri, Homeopath consulting at Hadley Wood Healthcare

There has been considerable controversy over the use of homeopathic remedies for the recent flu outbreak. There was  a long discussion on BBC Radio 2 with a doctor and a homoeopath. The doctor whilst dubious of homeopathy, did admit that was some evidence that herbal Echinacea works which was great to hear. Homeopaths often treat with the anti-cold and flu remedy which is made from different flu strains.

In France, a remedy called oscillococcinum is used and here is some interesting information about a trial that the French carried out, down load the study here.

Can millions of French people who buy this remedy be wrong in trusting it?

If you would like to discuss a homeopathic approach for your health problem please call Hadley Wood Healthcare on 0208 441 8352 or email Sujal at sujal@hadleywoodhealthcare.co.uk and see her web page.

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Infertility; improving the odds with homeopathy

Sujal Zaveri, Homeopath consulting at Hadley Wood Healthcare

By Sujal Zaveri

Homeopathy works by treating ‘like with like’.  For example, hay fever is treated with a very dilute form of onions, as raw onions would produce symptoms similar to hay fever such as streaming eyes. Sleeplessness can be treated with homeopathic coffee called coffea.A homoeopathic consultation takes into account the whole person including their food likes and dislikes, their physical problems and their mental make-up. There are thousands of different remedies and the homeopath will carefully select the remedy that most closely matches the individual’s profile.Problems with fertility are becoming increasingly common.  An inability to conceive can be very stressful for the individual and the couple and can put a huge strain on their relationship.   The potential causes of infertility are many and varied:  in some cases a deficiency of essential vitamins may be to blame; also, the presence of hormones in the water supply can be a factor.  Additionally, many couples these days are attempting to conceive later in life. The homeopathic remedies for infertility are as varied as the causes.

The following cases resulted in successful pregnancy in my practice:

Case 1. Alex was 33 and had been trying for a baby for 3 years. At 14 she was diagnosed anorexic and her periods had temporarily stopped but started again when she turned 16. She had been on the pill from the age of 18 to 24. She was a high achiever and worked hard to reach her goals. However her eating habits were erratic, she drank coffee all day and had one meal in the evenings. Exercise made her feel better and she played squash and ran. Housework and cooking were a chore and she avoided them when possible. Her relationship with her family was strained and she blamed them for her eating disorder. She did not like meeting them often.I prescribed for her Sepia which is made from the ink of a cuttlefish. This was based on a combination of her mental and physical symptoms i.e. aversion to family, high achiever, liked exercise, disliked housework, liked coffee. Also I advised her to avoid coffee which she said she couldn’t. She did not attend her next appointment but rang me two months later to tell me she had conceived!Two years later she returned as she had once again tried to conceive her second baby without any luck. I prescribed Sepia again and she is now the mother of two healthy children.

Case 2. Meera was 35 and diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome.  She had been trying to conceive for a number of years and both her and her partner had had a number of tests. She was tall and slim with a responsible attitude to life. She cared for her elderly parents and took her role as a wife and daughter very seriously. She ate well, loved salt and was very thirsty. On further questioning she revealed that her husband had had an affair a few years ago.  She seemed deeply affected by this. I decided to prescribe on the fact that her problems could have stemmed from her disappointment in love- I gave her Nat Mur 200, during the first month she did not notice any change. I repeated the remedy and she said she felt a sense of wellbeing and the pain in her ovaries lessened. The remedy was repeated again and four months after her first prescription she conceived a boy and managed to carry him for 38 weeks when she delivered him. By no means do all cases result in a success but when they do it is extremely rewarding and prevents the patient from going down the IVF route which is more invasive and expensive.

If you would like to discuss a homeopathic approach for your health problem please call Hadley Wood Healthcare on 0208 441 8352 or email Sujal at sujal@hadleywoodhealthcare.co.uk and see her web page.

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Homeopathy & arthritis; proven clinical benefits…

A “just published” study in the journal Rheumatology entitled “Homeopathy has clinical benefits in rheumatoid arthritis patients that are attributable to the consultation process but not the homeopathic remedy: a randomized controlled clinical trial” has thrown more homeopathic cats amoung the medical pigeons… The conclusion drawn by this study suggests that it was the homeopathic consultations but not homeopathic remedies that were associated with clinically relevant benefits for patients with active but relatively stable rheumatoid arthritis. The publication of the study was accompanied by an invited comment by Prof Edzard Ernst (view the invited comment here). Prof Ernst, who holds the chair for Complementary Medicine at the Peninsular Medical School presented his critical analysis of the study commenting that “homeopathic remedies are ineffective and empathetic therapeutic encounters are helpful” and that practitioners should “…tell our patients that homeopathic remedies are both implausible and ineffective.”

Sujal Zaveri, Homeopath at Hadley Wood Healthcare

In order to redress the balance, I asked Hadley Woods Healthcare’s Homeopath Sujal Zaveri to comment on the study; My first arthritis patient was a lady that I never met or spoke to. Her husband described her symptoms to me, and I prescribed on that basis. Later he told me that the remedy helped her more than the analgesics she was on. She carried on with the remedy for years and claimed it continued to help her. How was this the result of a caring consultation? Long consultations suit certain patients while others find them too intrusive. In my opinion long consultations often help to eliminate or illuminate the cause of certain conditions, they make the patient feel relaxed and can be akin to therapy, but that does not negate the action of a powerful medicine.What are your views or experiences, please post and share them. If you would like to discuss a homeopathic approach for your health problem please call Hadley Wood Healthcare on 0208 441 8352 or email Sujal at sujal@hadleywoodhealthcare.co.uk and see her web page.

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November 23, 2010 · 1:59 pm

NHS Homeopathy – saved!

Homeopathy will continue to be available on the NHS, the government has said in response to a House of Commons science and technology committee report.

That report recommended that homeopathy should no longer be available on the NHS because of the lack of evidence of its efficacy.

Despite the NHS needing to make significant savings, the government responded that it was up to local clinicians to decide whether homeopathic treatments were appropriate.

The government says: “We believe in patients being able to make informed choices about their treatments, and in a clinician being able to prescribe the treatment they feel most appropriate in particular circumstances, within the regulatory and guidance frameworks by which they are bound.”

Follow the story here.

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