The Mind-Skin Connection


Christina offers Counselling and Psychotherapy at Hadley Wood Healthcare

For many people suffering from dermatitis or eczema the exact cause of their problem can be a mystery. Despite following restricted diets, undergoing allergy testing and numerous drug and natural therapies the skin problem continues… if this rings bells with you or someone you know may be its time to take a closer look at the emotional aspects of your life and consider how this may be maintaining your skin problem. Many doctors agree that stress can trigger and aggravate eczema but few offer any real practical solutions other than anti-depressant medication. This is where talking therapies come into their own.

What is eczema 

Eczema is a condition and general term for many different types of inflammation of the skin. There may be many factors which cause eczema such as  sensitive skin to soaps, cosmetics, detergents as well as psychological stress and anxiety. 

Causes of eczema – how stress impact your skin
Your skin is an organ, just like your heart is. Your heart responds to stress and anxiety by beating faster, the stomach responds to stress by creating ulcers or other digestive problems. The skin is no different – it is sensitive to emotions and situations – shock may turn your skin pale, embarrassment makes you blush, and stress and anxiety can trigger skin problems such as eczema. When you become stressed, the level of cortisol (stress hormone) rises in the body which causes oil production to increase which flows to the skin. Cortisol also stops the water production in the skin, so this reduces the skin’s ability to repair itself.

Mind and body connection – Your thoughts do have a direct impact upon your body, and your body has a direct impact on your thoughts. The mind and body also responds to emotions. So it is important to build a bridge linking the mind and body connection and your inner emotions to help develop a stronger inner and outer you.

Counselling – Eczema may be your body’s way of expressing and releasing something which you may find difficult to do, perhaps it is stress, anxiety or related to a stressful incident or traumatic experiencing. Therapy helps to create awareness, understanding, process and movement which helps to facilitate long-lasting change.

Relaxation – By combining relaxation, breathing and stress management into your life, you will start to feel calmer and much more stronger to be able to cope with life’s ups and downs. When you feel calm, your skin and body relaxes too.
I recommend a book by, Louise Hay, ‘You can Heal your Life’

You can contact and consult Christina at Hadley Wood Healthcare on 0208 441 8352


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