Zinc regulates communication between brain cells

Zinc has been found to play a critical role in regulating communication between cells in the brain, possibly governing the formation of memories and controlling the occurrence of epileptic seizures.

Learn more here: Zinc regulates communication between brain cells.

Zinc: are you getting enough?

Its not difficult to get a regular intake of zinc from your diet. The list below is by no means comprehensive but does illustrate the levels you can obtain from food keeping in mind the daily intake should be in the region of just 15mg!

Top Zinc Foods

Oysters: up to 180mg zinc per 100g, around 76mg zinc per 6 average oysters…

Toasted wheat germ: 17mg zinc per 100g – sprinkle on salads, rice etc…

Liver: Veal liver as the most zinc, around 12mg per 100g

Sesame butter: around 10mg zinc per 100mg

Roast pumpkin seeds: 10mg zinc per 100mg of seeds

Dried watermelon seeds: popular in the Middle East and delivering 10mg zinc per 100mg of seeds

Mutton: around 8mg zinc per 100mg of meat

Peanuts: supplies about 6mg zinc per 100mg

Zinc supplements

If you don’t fancy any of the above and are worried that you are not getting your daily zinc intake, click here for a high quality 15mg supplement.


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