Arnica; the ‘must-have’ remedy…

Sujal Zaveri, Homeopath consulting at Hadley Wood Healthcare

Memories of my childhood include scraped knees and knocked heads and the remedy we were always given was turmeric as an antiseptic and Arnica.

Arnica or Mountain Daisy is found along the slopes of the Andes, Central European Alps, Northern Asia and Siberia. The beautiful large golden flowers are hard to miss and most locals understand the value of this plant that nature has placed intelligently, on slopes, ready for use after accidents.

Saint Hildegarde of Bingen  Germany, first mentioned it in the 2nd century!

The first medical man to document it was Professor Joel in Gottingen in the 16th century.

Its uses are well known for bruises but it is also an invaluable aid in other circumstances.

My one year daughter whilst playing with her cousin managed to slam a door on her thumb. The thumb immediately went a very dark colour. My first response was to grab some Arnica 200 and slip it into her mouth. Not only did it instantly calm her (could be the taste of the sugar for sceptics) but within five minutes the thumb had returned to its normal colour. The children thought it was magic and it definitely felt like it.

One of  the symptoms Arnica is used for is ‘battered and bruised feeling’, this does not necessarily mean literal beating or physical hurt. It is also a feeling we experience eg when we have had a bad night’s sleep.  After a night spent on an Airplane or a night spent listening to torrential rain one can feel battered and exhausted.

Arnica is a great remedy for Jetlag or a sleepless night that leaves one feeling aching and bruised.

It is great for aching after sport, eg after a tough game of tennis Arnica is useful for the aching muscles so Wimbledon players need to take heed !

It is also great for shock whether it is physical or mental. Accidents often leave the patient in a state of shock and Arnica can help greatly to lift this state.

It can be a great pain killer and is used for fractures to help with any bruising and pain and can speed up the healing process.

This summer when you are packing your holiday bags –consider taking a bottle of Arnica 30c with you-you never know when it might be needed!

If you would like to discuss a homeopathic approach for your health problem please call Hadley Wood Healthcare on 0208 441 8352 or email Sujal at and see her web page



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