XMRV virus & CFS/ME: it’s 15 minutes of fame looks to be up!

Following up on our previous posts regarding the discovery of a virus known as XMRV may lie at the heart of many cases of CFS/ME new research looks to blow this idea out of the water! According to the journal Nature, “XMRV’s 15 minutes of fame seem to be up“.
At a recent workshop on CFS/ME, John Coffin, a retrovirologist at Tufts University in Boston whose team showed that XMRV is a laboratory hybrid unlikely to cause a natural human infection. However, a single infectious agent, such as XMRV, is unlikely to explain the condition, but some patients seem to develop the condition not long after being infected with agents such as Epstein–Barr virus.
In Britain, the MRC is accepting research proposals for a new programme devoted exclusively to CFS. The goal of the programme is to draw top-notch scientists into the field.
In the mean time… watch this space!


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