Hay fever… fighting like with like

Sujal Zaveri, Homeopath consulting at Hadley Wood Healthcare

As the sales of camping equipment are increasing so is the pollen count. I have never suffered with hay fever but cycling past some rapeseed fields sharply stung my eyes and gave me a glimpse into the plight of many hay fever sufferers. Homeopathic remedies can provide an excellent alternative to antihistamines. They are portable, have no side effects and are relatively cheap to buy. Here are some common ones with their symptoms;

Euphrasia (eye bright)

  • Eyes burn itch and water constantly. The lids are sensitive and could be swollen.
  • May have a rash.
  • Worse in warm rooms.
  • Runny nose with much sneezing.

Allium Cepa (onion)

  • Nose drips like a tap
  • Violent sneezing
  • Eyes water profusely

Arsenicum Album

  • Nose tickles violently.
  • Sneezing violent and painful.
  • Discharge watery and burning making upper lip sore.


  • Copious thick catarrh and sneezing. Better in the open air.

As our environment and our food cycle are getting more complicated so are the responses by our bodies. We breathe a cocktail of substances on a daily basis, our diet consists of foods from around the world often with a variety of pesticides sprayed on them, our homes have hundreds of different substances in the forms of cleaning agents etc. Could this be the reason that our immune systems cannot cope? Whatever the reasons the fact is that many more people are getting hay fever and other allergies and homeopathy could help to strengthen flagging immune systems.

Treating hay fever with homeopathy in the winter months can reduce or eliminate this condition. However whilst the pollen season is upon many remedies can be used to reduce the acute symptoms.

If you would like to discuss a homeopathic approach for your health problem please call Hadley Wood Healthcare on 0208 441 8352 or email Sujal at sujal@hadleywoodhealthcare.co.uk and see her web page.


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