Foods that help you heal

May/June Issue of Functional Sports Nutrition

When we get injured we simply expect to heal up and get on with life… but have you ever considered what actually goes into the healing process or, for that matter, what you can eat to optimise it? Probably not I expect!

Healing is a complex process and relies on a key nutrients being present in adequate amounts for the process to yield a healthy result. Delayed or poorly healed injuries may be weaker or become the focus for chronic inflammation, irritation and persistent pain.

In the May/June issue of the magazine Functional Sports Nutrition Marcus Webb reviews the injury process and makes dietary suggestions and more specific nutritional recommendations that may give you the upper hand in injury strikes. Hadley Wood Healthcare’s Blog is grateful to the publishers of Functional Sports Nutrition for their permission to reproduce the article as a download: click here

Functional Sports Nutrition is available as a subscription magazine at

When injury bites; food affects the way we heal.


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