Probiotics ease lung and skin allergy

OK, so the study was carried out in Pigs but it’s a good indication that previous studies indicating the potential benefit of probiotics in helping ease the symptoms of allergic conditions have a sound immune regulating basis.

Probiotics have been studied as immunomodulatory agents of allergy. Several human probiotic trials tracking the development of eczema and other forms of allergy have yielded some inconsistent results with one recent infant study demonstrating that pre and postnatal Lactobacillus rhamnosus supplementation decreased the prevalence of eczema and IgE associated eczema. However, the influence of probiotics on the incidence of wheeze, asthma, and/or other allergic manifestations has yet to be reported.

The most recent study was conducted to determine the effects of the probiotics on the development of allergic lung disease in a pigs. Allergy was experimentally induced during a six week time frame in post-weanling pigs supplemented daily with probiotics or without supplementation. One week following final sensitization skin tests and respiratory challenges were conducted.

In response to skin tests and respiratory challenges, the sensitized pigs fed the probiotics had less severe skin flare reactions, smaller lung reaction compared to control pigs.

These observations suggest that differences in clinical responses to the allergen challenges may be related to probiotic-induced regulation of the immune and inflammatory reactions; technically referred to as “modulation of Th1 (IFN-c) and regulatory (IL-10) cytokine expression.”

The study concluded that probiotic supplementation decreased the severity of allergic skin and lung responses in allergen-sensitized pigs and that the pig model of allergy may be indicative of potential probiotic regulation of allergic lung disease in humans.

Read the full study here (Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 Attenuates Allergy Development in a Pig Model)


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