Dr Wakefield defends his corner at London Conference

An interesting meeting…

Dr Andrew Wakefield will be giving his side of the story at a London conference on vaccination on Friday 11 March. Also presenting will be speakers with important stories to tell, from the scientific, medical and human angles. The programme is detailed below. The conference want to tell as many people as possible about the almost-suppressed facts that our speakers have to share.

Venue: Spring Scientific Meeting, Friday 11 March 2011, Hallam Centre, London. 44 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JJ

Conference: The Health Hazards of Prevention -Vaccinations and Pharmacoprophylaxis

How to attend: Contact the British Society for Ecological Medicine on 020 7100 7090 or see their web site about the forthcoming Spring Scientific Meeting. Alternatively, email them on info@ecomed.org.uk

“A tablet a day keeps the patient at bay”

0930-0940   President – welcoming remarks

0940-1020   Routine vaccinations – the science

Dr Jayne L.M. Donegan MBBS, MRCGP, DRCOG, DCH,  General Practitioner, London

1020-1100   The Safety of Medicinal Products Intended for Healthy Individuals

Dr Peter Fletcher MB, PhD, FFPM, formerly Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Principal
Medical Officer, Department of Health.

1100-1120 COFFEE


1120–1200  Routine Vaccinations – Corrupted Evidence and Ethics


Clifford Miller BSc ARCS, Solicitor, Beckenham

1200-1240  Vaccinations and autoimmunity

Professor Yehuda Schoenfeld  MD, FRCP
Head, Department of Medicine ‘B’ and Center for Autoimmune Diseases,
Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Editor-in-chief: Journal of Autoimmunity and Autoimmunity Reviews.


1300-1400 LUNCH


1400-1440   On refusing doctor’s advice and being accused of Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy

Mrs Christina England, mother, Bognor Regis

1440-1520   The Gardasil Story

Freda Birrell, Scotland, mother, and Leslie Carol Botha, Health Educator, USA

1520-1550    TEA

1550-1630   The Curious Case of the Post-Vioxx Statin Trials

Professor Michel de Lorgeril,Faculté de Médecine Domaine de la Merci, Université de Grenoble FRANCE

1630-1710   Callous Disregard by

Dr Andrew Wakefield, USA.


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