Homeopathy & Flu: can it help?

Sujal Zaveri, Homeopath consulting at Hadley Wood Healthcare

There has been considerable controversy over the use of homeopathic remedies for the recent flu outbreak. There was  a long discussion on BBC Radio 2 with a doctor and a homoeopath. The doctor whilst dubious of homeopathy, did admit that was some evidence that herbal Echinacea works which was great to hear. Homeopaths often treat with the anti-cold and flu remedy which is made from different flu strains.

In France, a remedy called oscillococcinum is used and here is some interesting information about a trial that the French carried out, down load the study here.

Can millions of French people who buy this remedy be wrong in trusting it?

If you would like to discuss a homeopathic approach for your health problem please call Hadley Wood Healthcare on 0208 441 8352 or email Sujal at sujal@hadleywoodhealthcare.co.uk and see her web page.


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