Monkey see… monkey do…

Mothers’ diets have biggest influence on children eating healthy according to research out of Michigan State University’s College of Nursing. A study by professor Mildred Horodynski looked at nearly 400 women with children ages 1-3 years old. Her investigations have show that show toddlers were less likely to consume fruits and vegetables four or more times a week if their mothers did not consume that amount or if their mothers viewed their children as picky eaters. At a time when childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic problem getting our kids to eat a balanced diet has never been so important. It is interesting that previous research has shown that early repeated exposure to different types of foods is needed; up to 15 exposures may be needed before it can be determined if a child really likes or dislikes a certain food.
Some of the key points highlighted by professor Horodynsk are;
1) Special attention must be given to family-based approaches to incorporating fruits and vegetables into daily eating habits.
2) Efforts to increase mothers’ fruit and vegetable intake would result in more positive role modeling.
3) Mother needs to have the knowledge and confidence to make these healthy decisions for their children.
These are not difficult goals to achieve and the results could make all the difference!


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