Your questions answered: our unique probiotic and Lactoferrin Blend

Q. When should Pearls Winter™ be taken and should it be taken short term or long term?

A. Pearls Winter™ combines powerful immunologically targeted probiotic strains with lactoferrin, a naturally occurring protein that supports healthy immune responses. The product provides effective results when taken occasionally, yet is safe to take on an on-going basis. The use of  Pearls Winter™ is dependent on the desired benefit. When respiratory or seasonal support of the body’s anti-inflammatory response is needed, Pearls Winter™ can be taken one to three months for an effective short term impact. Individuals should then return to Acidophilus Pearls™ for on-going maintenance of healthy gastrointestinal microflora.
If sustained immunoregulation or long-term colon health is desired, Pearls Winter™can safely be taken long-term. It can be used alone or in combination with other products in the Probiotic Pearls™ line for advanced digestive and immune support.

Q. If the lactoferrin in Pearls Winter™ is released in the intestines, will it have any effect on bacterial balance in the stomach or the lining of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract?

A. Although certain bacteria primarily colonize the stomach,Pearls Winter™, which is released in the intestines, will still have a beneficial impact on the balance of these microorganisms. Not only do the probiotics and lactoferrin in Pearls Winter™ directly interact with microflora to establish balance, but they also have systemic immune effects, which can benefit the lining of the stomach and intestines. Lactoferrin is involved in innate immunity, enhancing phagocytic responses, and cell mediated immunity, supporting the healthy development and differentiation of T lymphocytes. It also enhances the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response by supporting the healthy production of cytokines and lymphokine, such as tumor necrosis (TNF)-alpha and interleukin (IL)-6.  Similarly, while probiotics colonize the intestines, their benefits extend throughout the body. Probiotic supplementation improves gut barrier function, detoxification processes, and enhances immune defense.

Q. Does the lactoferrin in Pearls Winter™ contain iron?

A. Lactoferrin is a powerful immune-enhancing protein, first isolated in milk. Because of its high affinity for iron, lactoferrin will retain a small amount of iron. The highly concentrated and purified form of lactoferrin found in Pearls Winter™ is essentially iron-free.

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