Dietary vitamin D – the low down

Foods and vitamin D?

In previous blog posts we have talked about the health benefits of vitamin D, especially vitamin D3. As the papers are published it does appear that getting enough of this nutrient is becoming more and more important. However, surprisingly, few foods contain vitamin D unless it’s added to the food. Nature has intended that our bodies build vitamin D via the skin (from sunlight expopsure ) rather than through your mouth (by food). We have populated the world relatively quickly and many of us live in Northern areas where the sunlight is lower. This does appear to match certain geographically dependant health problems. Taking vitamin supplements is the way forward for most people but we all can boost our dietary intake by following the suggestions below;

Here are three vitamin D super foods:

  • Salmon (especially wild-caught)
  • Mackerel (especially wild-caught; eat up to 12 ounces a week of a variety of fish and shellfish that are low in mercury)
  • Mushrooms exposed to ultraviolet light to increase vitamin D

Other food sources of vitamin D include:

  • Cod liver oil (warning: cod liver oil is rich in vitamin A; too much may be bad for you)
  • Tuna canned in water
  • Sardines canned in oil
  • Some Milk or yogurt products that are fortified with vitamin D
  • Beef or calf liver
  • Egg yolks
  • Cheese

Nearly all milk in the America is fortified with vitamin D. It has been since the 1930’s. This has caused some confusion in the UK where articles written in magazines have taken American research and applied it to the UK where vitamin D fortification of milk does not occur!

Eat and enjoy!

For those worried about their intake of vitamin D3, we suggest taking 1,000IU’s per day in the form of a dietary supplement.; vitamin D3


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