Holy Basil helpful in managing generalized anxiety disorder

With the growing levels of stress associated with modern life and a shaky economy reliance on conventional anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs is a growing concern. For may people managing stress and anxiety naturally is the method of choice but feeling drowsy due to the relaxant effects of some natural remedies is a problem.
Researchers from India have turned their critical attention to one of the most ancient of all Ayurvedic remedies used in the treatment of anxiety disorders; Holy Basil (ocimum sanctum). Despite the leaves from Holy Basil being used for thousands of years in India to date there has not been an evidence based report on their clinical effects. The team from India published their findings relating to the effects of Holy Basil and its role in mental disorders, especially generalized anxiety disorder, in the Nepal Medical College Journal. As well as confirming the importance of certain key compounds of the leaf, such as eugenol, the team also showed for the first time that a two months course of Holy Basil reduced the symptoms of stress, anxiety and eased mild depression. It was suggested that these effects were mediated via the hypophyseal-adrenocortical axis regulation.
At the heart of the effectiveness of Holy Basil lies its active compounds all of which appear to require separate extraction techniques depending on their solubility in water of fat. This has driven the development of the so-called Trinity Blend, a pure standardized extract delivers a full spectrum of the key compounds; the fat soluable terpenoids and phenolic derivatives as well as the more heat sensitive water soluable eugenol and caryophylene compounds.


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