It’s that time of year again…

It will be no surprise to a sufferer but over 9 million of us in the UK suffer with hay fever symptoms. Because the allergic reaction to various pollens is so powerful the symptoms can be miserable to say the least; itchy and swollen eyes and throat, sneezing wheezing and a nose that won’t wither clear or stop running are all part and parcel of this seasonal allergy.
For some hay fever can start very early in the year. Tree pollen starts causing trouble from February and continues through until late May with the Birch and Oak being the worst to live near of you are sensitive to tree pollen. If you manage to get through the early part of the season don’t feel left out! The grasses are there to get you between May and September with a peak rise in grass related allergies over June and July. For those who don’t fit this calendar of events, it’s worth keeping in mind that between summer and autumn weed pollen and fungal spores can be over looked potent triggers.
If you have tried all the conventional methods and over the counter pharmacy products then it may be time to look for an alternative. The remedy known as Luffa (tincture or tablets) and a Luffa based nasal spray has been shown to be effective in easing some of the most troublesome symptoms. I would suggest taking it a good month before your season starts to ‘prime’ yourself up for the allergic time. If you feel that you are prone to chest infections or reactive asthma keep taking your usual medications but add a does or two of a rather odd sounding plant extract called quercetin. Belonging to the family of plant chemicals known as flavonoids, quercetin offers impressive anti-inflammatory properties. It also inhibits the release of histamine, which causes congestion and irritation to the ling, nasal cavity and eyes. You can find this great supplement in good health stores as a single preparation or as part of a specialist formula such as formula ALR made by Michaels Naturopathic Formulations.
Allergy UK offers some good general and background advise.


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