There is a natural way to combat anxiety

Stress is becoming more and more common. Like depression, stress used to be a rather taboo subject inferring that someone can’t cope but as we learn more about stress it is becoming clear that we are all prone to it but some deal with better than others. If we look back into our ancestral history stress actually kept us alive. It would gear our bodies up to fight or flight. Those with an effective stress mechanism would survive and pass on their genes whilst those who were resistant to stress perished! In other words, you could view someone living nowadays with the symptoms of stress as a survivor with the biological abilities to fight and flight effectively. The problem now rests with our modern society that delivers triggers for stress on a daily ongoing basis making the fight and flight mechanism redundant simply because we can’t escape. However, nature may have the answer in the form of a simple extract obtained from green tea. Drinkers of green tea often comment on its relaxing properties so it did not take long for the active agent to be identified, purified and used as an aid to promoting relaxation. Known as L-Theanine, this green tea extract is now available in a conveniently small vegetarian capsule. Scientists studying the effects of L-Theanine were curious about its ability to ease anxiety and stress but not promote drowsiness. Their research showed that L-Theanine was able to enhance the brains alpha waves. These waves are associated with the emotional state of rested alertness, just the reverse of most stress sufferers! Unlike other anti-stress remedies however, L-Theanine did not interfere with medication cause other unwanted side effects associated with prescribed anti-anxiety agents. Those taking L-Theanine found that in cases of severe stress two capsules (100mg of L-Theanine per capsule) taken up to three times a day helped them regain their emotional health. The intake could then be reduced to as little as one too two capsules per day. In cases of panic attacks the capsule can be opened and the tasteless powder sprinkled under the tongue. This method of use can end a panic attack before it starts!

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2 responses to “There is a natural way to combat anxiety

  1. Marcus,Thank you for posting this blog. I believe there is a tremendous amount of validity you are sharing here to help those with knee pain.Regarding flat feet or feet with high arches I have not found that to be an issue nearly as much as the general tension being held in the foot/ankle that causes the foot not to track properly regardless of flat/high arch or not. This of course translating up the leg and affecting the knee as well as the rest of the body…Your thoughts? I am also interested in talking with you more about your approach and successes with acupuncture. This is an area that I am not very familiar with and would like to understand more. I do have some aversion to needles which may explain why I have not studied too much on it…I look forward to your response.Best regards,Bill Parravano(

  2. Hi Bill,Thanks for you comments.The arch issue over foot arch architecture (high or low medial arch) is a contentious one. Many orthopedic specialists argue that the foot plays no part in the development of knee pain and dysfunction but it has been my experience that if such a problem exists with the arch knee pain will not improve as much as it could if these arch problems are not addressed. The high arch being stiffer than normal and therefore offering a low degree of shock absorption. These arches cause the knee to suffer from excessive compression during walking or running. If a degenerative process is present a high arch will be an aggravating or maintaining factor. With the low arch, or over pronation, there is a subtle internal rotation of the tibia causing a torsion at the knee joint with excessive medial patello-femoral wearing. Any co-existing foot pain and tension can be addressed with the use of a corrective orthotic. Its a bit of a chicken and egg thing in reality!Regarding the use of acupuncture – yes this is a powerful alternative to oral NSAID’s or cortisone injections. A course of regional (western style acupuncture) acupuncture used in conjunction with electrostimulation is the way to go. There have been a number or rather impressive studies that confirm its effectiveness in the clinical setting. Take it from me – it works in many cases where all other measures have failed! For the needle phobic – don’t worry, there is no actual pain involved, trust me!I hope this helps,Regards,Marcus

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